Holiday Oracles: Tarot & Lenormand Crossword Fun!

Hey there, tarot enthusiasts! With the holiday season sparkling around us and Christmas just a whisper away, I’ve whipped up a special treat for you on Tarot Taxi. Say hello to our ‘Holiday Oracles: a Tarot & Lenormand Crossword Challenge!’ This puzzle is your perfect companion for those cozy, festive evenings. Whether you’re a crossword wizard or just beginning your journey with tarot and Lenormand, this game is woven for every soul in our card-reading family. It’s not just about finding the right words; it’s about delving into the symbols and stories that enrich our spiritual paths.

Now, a little birdie for those who might be new to this: the goal is simple yet enjoyable. Fill in the crossword using clues from the enchanting world of tarot and Lenormand. No rush, no pressure – just a fun exploration at your own pace. And hey, if you’re still getting familiar with these mystical tools, embrace this as a playful learning curve!

Once you’ve danced your way through the clues and filled in the blanks, I’m eager to hear all about your journey. Swing by the comments and share your experiences – your quick solves, the head-scratchers, and everything in between. This crossword is more than a game; it’s a gateway to connect, laugh, and share insights. Can’t wait to celebrate our love for tarot and Lenormand together in this vibrant community gathering. Until next time, keep your intuition sharp and your heart open. Happy puzzling!




  • 1) Emotion associated with uncontrollable outburst in a conflict situation
  • 4) The Tree card in Lenormand addresses this
  • 5) Stability, career (Lenormand)
  • 7) Love, harmony, relationships, values, alignment, choices (tarot)
  • 8) A divination system of cards, named after Marie Antoinette’s friend
  • 9) Man’s best friend
  • 10) He’s your boss or she’s your mother (Lenormand)
  • 11) Female significator (Lenormand)
  • 15) A gift or a beautiful woman (Lenormand)
  • 18) Reputation in one system, illusions in another
  • 19) An element associated with Swords in tarot
  • 20) Something The Fool in tarot and Child in Lenormand shares in common
  • 21) Something the 13th Lenormand card likes to do
  • 22) Repetition, vigorous, sport (Lenormand)
  • 24) Astute, crafty, cunning (Lenormand)
  • 25) There’s a big one on the 8th tarot card
  • 27) A Kipper card named after what this combination in Lenormand means: Tree+Mice
  • 31) Divine feminine, intuition, sacred knowledge, the subconscious mind (Tarot)
  • 33) Corporations, big organizations, government, world order (Lenormand)
  • 34) A one-word answer that card 33 in Lenormand gives
  • 35) Temptations, addictions, attachments (Tarot)
  • 36) The price of wisdom, relates to Lilies (Lenormand)
  • 39) Resources, money (Lenormand)
  • 41) Life experience, wisdom, old (Lenormand)
  • 43) Another word for ‘clue’
  • 45) Stress, anxiety, loss (Lenormand)
  • 46) Violence, cuts, reduction (Lenormand)
  • 49) A number in the minor arcane that means: completion, end of a cycle, renewal
  • 50) When The Hanged Man appears it is time to do this before taking action
  • 51) Health card in Lenormand


  • 2) The Queens in Tarot can be described as this
  • 3) Confusion (Lenormand)
  • 4) A meaning for The Lovers card in Tarot
  • 6) Conformity, traditions, institutions – in Tarot
  • 8) An area over which the Justice card in Tarot presides
  • 12) A state of being depicted by The World card in Tarot
  • 13) The Rookie, he’s playful, naive and ready for the journey (Tarot)
  • 14) Important location in relation to significator, in a grand tableaux reading (Lenormand)
  • 16) A 78-card divination system
  • 17) Endings, failures, Deaths, Shut-downs (Lenormand)
  • 23) Two-gether Four-ever (Lenormand)
  • 24) Predetermined events outside a person’s control
  • 26) Domain, abode (Lenormand)
  • 28) In mythology they tempted men with song
  • 29) The Devil card – reversed
  • 30) Mediumship, clairvoyance etc.
  • 32) A Kipper card that has something in common with Lenormand’s Mice
  • 37) Opportunities, chance (Lenormand)
  • 38) Commitment (Lenormand)
  • 40) Travel, exports (Lenormand)
  • 42) Written communication (Lenormand)
  • 44) Something The Fool in Tarot and The Rider in Lenormand have in common
  • 47) Common pronoun for the male significator
  • 48) Ones in Tarot

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