Hey there, lovely souls! I’m Rootweaver, your blogger and fellow traveler on this enchanting journey through the realms of tarot and oracles. Born under the African sun and now dancing with the stars in Australia, my love affair with tarot began over 30 years ago, weaving its magic into my life. Lenormand cards joined this mystical dance a decade ago, adding their own unique rhythm to my divination path.

Tarot Taxi, our cozy corner on the internet, has been rolling since March 2012, journeying through tarot tales and oracle wonders. Sure, there was a little pit stop while I delved into the world of academia, but like any good adventure, the call to return was irresistible.

Fancy a little something magical for your own tarot travels? Swing by my Etsy store, Rootweaver on Etsy. It’s where my dreams transform into tangible treasures, from the vintage charm of the Vintage Lenormand to the playful spirit of the JellyBean Lenormand. Each deck is a piece of my heart, crafted with love and a dash of magic.

And guess what? The journey’s about to get even more exciting! The year 2024 will unveil my first-ever tarot deck and kipper decks, fresh pathways in our shared exploration of the mystical.

So come along, grab your favorite deck, and let’s dive into the endless stories and wisdom the cards have to offer. Here’s to our shared journey into the enchanting world of Tarot and Lenormand!


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