Brushing up with Clover

‘Clover’ from Cupcake Lenromand, by Rootweaver



I want to dive into a little story about rediscovering old passions and embracing new opportunities. If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know I’ve recently dusted off my paintbrushes and stepped back into the world of portrait painting. And what a journey it is promising to be!

Every Monday afternoon a group of my artist friends and I gather in one of our fabulous studios where we spend hours painting from life, sharing stories, and indulging in the occasional banter. After such a long break from painting, my skills feel a bit rusty, but there’s nothing like a regular painting session to get the old gears grinding again!

During our recent painting session I felt frustrated. It felt like every bit of painting skill I had developed over the years had deserted me! The frustration is real, folks! During a tea break, sitting outside with a smoke and my doubts, I spotted something that turned my day around: a cheerful little clover quietly growing against the door. In the simplicity of that moment my day was turned around.

For those who dabble in Lenormand, you’ll know that the Clover card speaks of opportunity, luck, and optimism. It was like a little nudge from the universe, a reminder to appreciate the opportunity to practice my painting skills again, to reconnect with old passions, and to enjoy the creative process, frustrations and all.

So, I wanted to share this little anecdote with you as a reminder to look for those happy little clovers in life. Whether it’s picking up an old hobby, learning something new, or just taking a moment to appreciate the small joys, there’s opportunity and a smile to be found in the most unexpected moments.

Until next time, let’s keep looking out for oracles in our daily life.

With love and a splash of paint

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