Seeking asylum in the tarot

We might not be able to visit with these asylum seekers to hear their tales and to offer the comfort of companionship and compassion, but we are able to extend a hand of friendship through the written word to contribute toward restoring their dignity and humanity as well as our own.

What You Already Know.

The Tarot is good at confirming what your already know. It’s also goods at telling you what you don’t want to hear, or acknowledge. This is my first post with Tarot Taxi, so, please allow me to introduced myself. My name is Louise and I am the lady behind the Priestess Tarot website. Every month...

Buccaneer Lenormand by Rootweaver – Arrrr!

Shiver me timbers! A pirate-themed deck, inspired by Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the latest offering from Rootweaver’s creative basket. Digitally rendered sketches with bursts of colour to bring this appropriately ‘dark’ deck to life and to delight fans of all-things-pirate. Featuring our matey captain Jack Sparrow and a pretty lass at his...

Where is God?

Wherever our attention span takes us. However, it is our destiny to always seek divinity just as we are divinity, this is the great paradox

What was the motive behind MH370 hijacking?

Following on the reading I did a few days ago to determine what happened to missing Malaysian Flight MH370 (see reading here,) I wanted to follow-up with a reading on what the possible motive could be – now that authorities have confirmed that it was indeed a hijacking as I had seen in my reading....