Feet First!

That’s the thing about life, and tarot… you’ve gotta jump in feet first! Without hesitation, without reservations, just do it!

What a ride…

Here, on the tarot taxi, I’ll be visiting many worlds, mostly tarot-related in some shape or form. When I first started reading tarot I had no idea how deep it was, I jumped in, and fourteen years later I am still free-falling, gathering many treasures and tit-bits along the way.

I discovered that there are many other tarot travelers like me; probing and pushing the boundaries, finding new paths and nuances, and exploring classical ones with new eyes and minds. One thing is certain, a lifetime is simply not enough to learn it all! So here I am, still hitching an exhilarating ride through the world of tarot, and loving it!

Psssst… there’s plenty room for you too, so hop-in, let’s go for a ride shall we?

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