Health Issue Indicators – Part 2

*Please note: These indicators were intuited using the ‘Voice in the Card’ method in which I ignored all other (relevant) interpretations and card-meanings. I am more than happy to share what I received, but I strongly suggest that readers who find this list helpful rather intuit their own list of health indicators before attempting to use them in readings.

Minor Arcana – Cups

Ace of Cups – Incontinence, weepy

2 of Cups– 2nd medical opinion needed

3 of Cups– Foot issues, eg athletes foot, flat-foot, etc

4 of Cups– Incorrect medication/dosage administered, body rejects transplant

5 of Cups– Underactive thyroid, low body temperature

6 of Cups– Ear-nose-throat

7 of Cups– Lack of concentration, day-dreaming, autism

8 of Cups– Limp (any other condition that requires the use of a walking stick)

9 of Cups– Overweight, alcoholism

10 of Cups– Pleurisy

Page of Cups– Halitosis

Knight of Cups– Stiff back & neck, light-headed

Queen of Cups– Headache, tight shoulder muscles

King of Cups– Chesty, bronchial

*Disclaimer. I am not a health professional, and this is not meant to be a diagnostic exercise, merely clues to possible underlying conditions that querents should consult their medical professionals about rather than ‘taking my word’ for it.

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