Tarot Symbolism: The Fool in Tarot de St. Croix

This Fool is inspired by the sacred clown Koshare from the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest. He represents a playful way to look at a situation. He wears the mask of Coyote, a wild canine whose high pitched yipping sounds like laughter. Coyote carries the message of the trickster. In this card, The Fool makes a shadow puppet scene of danger. The message is to look beyond our fears to see what really lies behind it.

The Fool is both the beginning and the end of the major arcana in the archetypal journey of the tarot, represented by 0, which can also be seen as a circle. The path leads toward the full moon, which symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. The boat and the moon represents a journey into the mystery. The fools knapsack lies open in front of him, what will he take with him? The aspen stick with eyes symbolize the witness on his journey.

Whenever we begin a new endeavor or journey in life we have no idea of the actual outcome. The Fool is here to tell you to trust the journey. To realize our fears are fantasies. To enter the mystery with a playful sense of adventure.

by Lisa de St. Croix




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