“Timing?” with Tarot?

By Odyn PenDragon

Time-based predictive behavior is an inherent capacity in Astrology. Time-based predictive behavior with any other form of divination is tricky at best, and is entirely dependent upon “intuition” or “other-vision” — which reeks of subjectivity, so it is fine for self-reading, but gets sloppy when reading for others.

Before going any further with this, let’s get something out of the way. It is utterly useless to attempt to derive any “timing” with the Trumps and the Courts. Their intrinsic “meaning” does not lend to any “quantification”. This examination will focus on using the Number Cards as “timing” devices.

So what is to be “quantified”? Humans have gotten into the habit of measuring “time” with discrete “time-measuring” devices — clocks, calendars, etc. These are artificial constructs of artificial constructs, derivative of derivatives. Those devices in particular are derived from the Sequential Recurrence of the apparent Solar Cycle, which is the original artificial construct. (Yes, yes, “it” is considered a “natural phenomenon”; just follow along for now.) So let’s say you pull the 7 Wands. Do you disregard that it is a Wand card, focusing on the 7, so that you might as well have pulled any other 7 card? Fine — then 7 what? Minutes, hours, days, months, years? Let’s say you decide to determine that one Suite represent one type of “time-period” and another Suite represents another type. Do you see how you are getting deeper and deeper into artificial constructs of artificial constructs? Given that the presiding ‘deity’ of tarot divination is “Mercury”, “he” will have a blast with this technique, completely befuddling the reading. Sure, you will get a ‘definite’ reading, but will it match “real-time” events?

There is a way out of this swamp: go back to ‘original’ artificial constructs that are much more “intimate” — Actual Living Occurrences.

The numbers themselves, of course, provide the “quantification”. So it is up to the Suite to determine the type of ‘event’ to be “sequentially measured” or “quantified”.

I propose these four ‘classes’:

Wand = a “high-impact” experiential moment or instant;

Disc (Pantacle) = a discrete physical condition (bodily and/or environmentally);

Sword = a “thought-package” or discrete mindset;

Cup = an “emotion-package” — but better, a discernible Cycle or Period (this one is the trickiest).

All of these qualify as discernibly discrete ‘events’ that can be “sequentially measured” ‘in time’. They serve as a much better “personal clock” (if you will). This tactic will be much more effective with a self-reading; and yet, by direct contrast, all the more difficult with reading for another!

Then, amidst the general spread, the Trumps and Courts, by juxtaposition, can serve as “qualifiers”.

I hope this moment of entertainment may prove ‘useful’.




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