Tarot de St. Croix: Death and Ten of Swords

These are two of the most difficult cards in the tarot deck yet they also hold the unique position of something being totally and completely done, which is some-times a good thing.

Our fear of Death; both in the card and in life is our fear of the unknown. However hearing accounts of near-death experiences opens up a new vista of possibilities. In this Death card the skeleton travels through a vast cellular tunnel toward the light. In the skeleton’s hand is the key to unlocking the greatest of all mysteries. From all endings, there is the possibility of something new beginning. Death is necessary to make space for a new start, a fresh approach.

The Ten of Swords is the end of a tired, worn out way of thinking. The figure floating face-down is also a reflection of the figure rising up toward the new moon which promises a new cycle. We can rise above our old, unhealthy victim mentality, supported by the lessons learned.

 Lisa de St. Croix

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