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Just as the wheat must end its growth cycle and ultimately be crushed and ground to bake the Lammas bread, so too does all physical life eventually end, releasing us so that we may transition to the next state.

When I began to channel in the garden, Michael laughed and said “you’re not gardening you’re God-ning.”

The Pentacles suit in tarot governs over the physical world, addressing matters relating to our physical lives. Universally we instinctively cling to physical life, so that when death visits it is almost always accompanied by shock, sadness and loss for those left behind. Death it would seem, is something that most of us resist and fear, yet it is the one thing that we all know we are unquestionably moving towards, one way or another. I am curious as to why we fear death when we accept that it is the ultimate initiation to reunite us with our natural form, spirit. As a tarot reader who opens herself to channeling during readings I frequently receive messages from deceased loved ones for my sitters. On the experience of dying and the fear of death they describe how exquisite the transition is; saying we are so focussed on prolonging physical life that we have ‘forgotten how to die.’ The experience is described as a rush of joy and liberation in which we become reacquainted with  how very wide our horizons are. Freedom from restriction. A welcome homecoming.

As we cast off the suit of Pentacles to re-enter the world of spirit upon our deaths so that we may enjoy the fruit of our harvest, the most we can hope for is a life well lived that touched and inspired others.

In loving memory of my friend, Michael Copley. Until we meet again…


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