30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 4

Vintage Lenormand, by Rootweaver
Card 24 – Heart

Today’s question is:

Which is your favorite deck? Why?

Well… That is a seriously tough question! I have many favourites! Top of my list is probably ‘The Original Lenormand‘ by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin. It is a gorgeous deck! However, having just printed my own Lenormand deck (The Vintage Lenormand) I would be remiss to mention that this too is one of my favourites, if only because it’s ‘my baby.’ *grins*

A favourite deck, like an old friend, can be both a source of comfort and joy.

Tomorrow’s 30 Day Lenormand Challenge question is: How long have you been reading the Lenormand?  

See you tomorrow!

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