30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 7

Vintage Lenormand, by RootweaverCard # 2 - Clover
Vintage Lenormand, by Rootweaver
Card # 2 – Clover

Today’s question asked by Pepi in her 30 Day Lenormand Challenge blog is:

What was the first spread you learned?

When I started with Tali Goodwin’s Lenormand course for beginners, she taught us to look at cards in sets of three. We did a few of those and a few 3 x 3 layouts as well, which much to our surprise (by the time we finished that module) she showed us that we had in fact read a whole Grand Tableau! I was tickled pink! And quite surprised at how ‘easy’ it was when broken down into bite-sized-pieces.

Easy, that is until I started over-analysing Lenormand and became completely overwhelmed by it all, which is why I am SO pleased that I have enrolled for Tali’s new ‘Learning Lenormand‘ course, so that I can get back-on-track and LEARN Lenormand the way  know I can! Which reminds me, I have an assignment to complete before next week’s lesson 😉

Tomorrow’s question is: Which is your favorite card? (Artwork + Meaning)

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