30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 9

Vintage Lenormand, by RootweaverCard # 7 - Snake
Vintage Lenormand, by Rootweaver
Card # 7 – Snake

Today’s question is:

Which card do you dread pulling the most? Why?

The Snake card… When Snake appears in a reading I am almost always instantly tense because for me it means there’s a ‘snake in the grass,’ that is to say all is not as it seems and there may be cause to be extra-cautious.

Mind you, being new at Lenormand I have not done many readings for myself using this system yet, however on a couple of occasions I was successfully alerted to less-than-desirable events in business so that when they made their appearance I was well prepared for them.

Sometimes (especially with a new business) one feels like you are wading through ‘long grass’ which is fine and to be expected, it is the unseen or unexpected ‘snake in the grass’ that can often be the catalyst for an unwelcome set-back if we aren’t prepared.

Tomorrow’s question is: Which card do you pull more often when you read the cards for yourself? Do you think it matches your personality? Why?

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