Learning Lenormand – The Cross

The 'Cross' spread, taught by Tarot Professionals. Image created by Rootweaver
The ‘Cross’ spread, taught by Tarot Professionals. Image created by Rootweaver

I am enrolled in ‘Learning Lenormand’ a course offered by Tarot Professionals. This week my assignment is to do a reading for myself using the ‘Cross’ spread. The question I address in the reading is: “Will my husband & I travel (abroad) this year?”

Deck: Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Deck: Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

1. Significator: Card #3 – Ship (travel)

2. Past- The cause of the situation: Card #4 – House & Card # 35 – Anchor

House (home/family) & Anchor (stability)

We immigrated 4 years ago, quite literally sending our household goods from port to port (South Africa to Australia) in the immigration process.

3. Sword of Damocles – not under control: Card #30 – Lily & Card #15 – Bear

Lily (maturity) & Bear (immigration official/s)

When we immigrated we decided to place future travel plans on hold until we have Australian passports. The naturalisation process takes 4 years before we become eligible for citizenship and before we can apply for Aussie passports. Lily alludes to the 4-year period of maturity that must take place before immigration officials (Bear) will grant us citizenship and therefore Australian passports.

4. What is under your control: Card #14 – Fox & Card #6 – Cloud

Fox (ingenious & skillful) & Cloud (uncertainty)

My business partner and I bought a business 5 months ago. We are still new in business and need to establish ourselves first (overcoming the uncertainty of the Cloud) by developing our ingenuity and skill (fox) as business women. This obviously has a direct impact on our future finances which in turn has a direct impact on my future travel plans.

5. Future – The result of the situation: Card #20 – Garden & Card #25 – Ring

Garden (public) & Ring (continuity/commitment)

We bought a coffee shop that offers additional services, namely tarot readings and massage therapies, to our clientele. It seems the direct future involves my continued commitment to the public (our clientele) rather than travel with my husband.


It seems unlikely that we will travel this year. 2013 will be a year of hard work as we build our business and establish ourselves before we will be in a position to take time off to travel.

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