Learning Lenormand – The Small Tableau

This week’s assignment in ‘Learning Lenormand‘ – a wonderful course by Tarot Professionals – is a practice reading using The Small Tableau spread.

Spread: The Small Tableau, by Tarot ProfessionalsImage created by: Rootweaver
Spread: The Small Tableau, by Tarot Professionals
Image created by: Rootweaver

Question: Will my sister qualify for a visa to immigrate to Australia?


1. What (she) cannot control: Bear, Letter, Stork

Official. Visa/Documents. Change

She has no control over the change in visa eligibility. While her skills may be on the list of jobs in demand today, it may not be tomorrow.

2. Movement of situation: Fish, Heart, Ring

Resources. Love. Continuity

I see her saving money, acquiring accreditations etc, continuously motivated by her love for her family in Australia and the desire to be closer to us which reinforces her commitment to the process.

3. What (she) can control: Tower, Coffin, Key

Authority. End. Access

She can ensure that she completes the process (accreditation etc) leading up to her application to the Department of Immigration, which should gain her access to a visa.


1. Past: Bear, Fish, Tower

Official. Resources. Authority/Separation

She spent a considerable amount of money to experience Australia for a three month visit recently on an LSD (look-see-decide) mission, discovering that she would need more resources to meet the requirements set by officials, thus the separation from her Australian family continued when she returned to the UK.

2. Present: Letter, Heart, Coffin

Documents. Courage. End

The best she can do presently is to remain courageous, gather all her required documentation (accreditations etc) and eventually bring an end to the tedious process.

3. Future: Stork, Ring, Key

Delivery. Contract. Solution/ Certainty

The future seems to hint at a change in circumstances, bringing a contract (possible job contract and/or marriage) which will gain her access. Her success seems certain.


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