30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 30

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver

Finally we reach the end of this 30 Day Lenormand Challenge, inspired and created by the beautiful Pepi. Today’s question is:

Do you have a Lenormand mentor? How does this mentor inspire you?

I do have a Lenormand mentor. Two in fact. Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz from Tarot Professionals. They first introduced me to Lenormand some time ago during a free beginners course that Tali offered on Tarot Town. Since then I have gone on to create and publish my own Lenormand deck. I am currently studying Lenormand with Tali & Marcus in a 10 week course called ‘Learning Lenormand’ that has already proved to be incredibly enlightening. What they are teaching me is enabling me to set myself up to eventually become a proficient Lenormand reader which I want to do so that I can offer Lenormand readings to my tarot clientele as well.

Just before I wrap-up this 30 Day Challenge, Pepi has posed a bonus question too:

If you had to create a Lenormand deck, and could add or change cards, which cards would you change? Which cards would you add? Which meanings would they have? Why would you do so?

When I created the Vintage Lenormand I opted not to add any extra cards, and chose not to change any cards either. This is partly due to my inexperience in the field of Lenormand (I’d like to know more before I ‘change’ anything) and partly because I wanted to stick with tradition.

Symbology however does fascinate me, it has for the longest time. I can quite easily see myself creating an oracle deck (which in all fairness would not be a Lenormand deck) based on several symbols that are not currently in use in Lenormand. Until I do this however I cannot (should not) spill the beans.


Thanks for following my daily blogs during the 30 Day Challenge.



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