NEW Rootweaver Lenormand deck

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JbR, a bird of the feathered kind

Rootweaver (JbR,) the creator of the Vintage Lenormand deck, was making mental notes of requests and comments made by Lenormand readers. These inspired her to create yet another Lenormand deck that promises to excite and thrill the card-reading community.

While details of this new deck cannot yet be revealed it will almost certainly address what has been asked for by numerous voices in the Lenormand world, and may possibly set a new bar for fellow deck creators to aspire to.

The deck will be launched on World Tarot Day (May 25th 2013,) and will be available for purchase directly from Rootweaver’s site from May 25th onward.

When pressed to reveal more about her new deck Rootweaver had only this to say:

I have been working on this new deck for the past few months and promise that Lenormand readers will not be disappointed.

My esteemed fellow deck-creators on the other hand might want to throw rocks at me after this, but I sincerely hope not! 😀

This new deck will appeal to traditionalists and non-traditionalists alike. I am thoroughly looking forward to unveiling it in a few days time, but until then start raiding your piggy banks you’re probably going to want a copy of your own.


Only 9 days to go, and counting…

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