Mini Postmark Lenormand, the Review & Interview

Mini Postmark Lenormand

The Review

You might already know this gorgeous deck: the Postmark Lenormand. However, do you know the Mini Postmark Lenormand by the Sassy Sibyl? I must admit that I’m in love with mini decks, but this one stands over others by far. Why? It’s elegant simplicity.

The mini Postmark Lenormand is elegant, simple, compelling, stunning. And yet, has all that a Lenormand requires. And more, because it has a double couple of consultants (two men and two women), and two extra cards: the happy squirrel and the cat.

This deck has no numbers on it. Just the simple images, and elegant backs with blue/purple dot patterns. The vintage images are well chosen, colors are well found and the general atmosphere is just perfect. You just need to read a GT to get all the power from this tiny deck. Its simplicity demands your soul, its elegance demands your attention.

One of my favorite cards is the cat. Maybe because I love cats, but this one in particular remembers me of one cat that I had as a Kid. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. The Sun is also a very funny card. It makes me smile. So, if it comes out in a reading it just makes me giggle. I adore it! Another card that I love is the letter. The unknown hand that puts the letter on the mailbox is really descriptive of the card. Thus, this is one of my favorites.

The cards are strong and very easy to shuffle. I’ve used the cards quite a lot, and they really seems like new. They are perfect to combine with another deck if you are using Houses to read the cards. Plus, being mini they are also candidates to be kept in small tins. (My mini lives in a tiny chocolate tin).

This is a must-have by far. You do not want to miss either the Mini deck or the normal one (which has more cards and comes with a tin!) I do believe this is one of the most elegant decks on the market right now. It’s simple, and yet it has a lot of depth. Elegant and simple Sassy Vintage.

The Interview

Pepi: How did you come up with the idea of the Postmark Lenormand? And the Mini?

Melissa: After the special edition Melissa Lenormand came out, I was set to present a study group on the Lenormand at Readers Studio. But the Melissa Lenormand sold out and I wanted to have decks available for my group to use in the workshop. I started creating a study Lenormand using a collection of old black and white etchings I have from the Victorian era. I got halfway through the deck, printed some test copies and thought it just looked SO dreary. So I went back through my ephemera collection and started to see the Postmark emerge.

I had a mini set of cards printed from my Modern Minimalist deck (for personal use, I never made it available for sale). I had the mini Postmark printed on a lark, really. I didn’t realize it would be so popular. I assumed it would remain a novelty collector’s item.

P: From where do you grab inspiration?

M: Color, texture, line. I love fabric and quilting and see the cards in a similar way as I see quilt blocks on a design board.

P: Which is the most gratifying thing/emotion you got from creating this gorgeous deck?

M: The ability to teach Lenormand method with a deck that is modern and accessible has been the best part of the Postmark experience for me. I’m amazed by how popular it is. It’s always exciting to send cards to the far reaches of the world.

P: Which layout do you think will fit best your deck?

M: I like the Grand Tableau and blocks of nine.

P: Any tips for the readers?

M: Just breathe and let it flow. Tell your story. Trust your story. Trust your gut.

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