19 May 1536 – A Prophecy Comes True


(commissioned deck, by Philip Harris)

Today, 19 May 1536, an innocent Queen was put to death by a French swordsman, under the order of King Henry VIII. It was said through a prophecy that this would happen, and Anne lived many days in worry after she lost the love of her husband. She was said to have had sex with multiple men, including her own brother; George Boleyn. These accusations were false and there has been no proof of such, even now. Many are moved by this young woman’s short life, and mourn for her on this very day. A sadness has been coming upon my heart all month. I just wanted to pay tribute to this strong, plain, and beautiful woman whose inspiration has touched the lives of many, even after her time. Here we are, five hundred years later, and our spirits still feel her presence. She was intelligent, strong, and way beyond her time in many ways. Let us not forget her on this day, and remember her greatest love; her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, who became a successful Queen for England and ruled for many years. She not only was the daughter of Anne, and Queen of England, but she was a female who ruled with the heart of a lion. Rest in peace Anne B. You were undeserving of your fate. In my Tarot deck, you represent the Queen of cups. My emotions run like water at the sound of your name. xo Bridgett




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