Happy World Tarot Day!

JillianToday is World Tarot Day, and the gifted Jillian Healand wrote this wonderful poem on the Tarot Professionals Facebook group to mark the day. Thank you Jillian! (posted with permission.)

Please go over to her Facebook Page where you can win a tarot reading (today only) or book a reading with our fabulous Jillian.

The Fool looks down and takes a chance
Lured by the Magician’s powerful stance
The High Priestess, an intuitive lady
Knows that the Empress will soon have a baby
The powerful Emperor sits on his throne
And the Hierophant speaks through God alone
A choice is presented to the Lovers
And their journey begins when the Chariot hovers
Inner Strength will always win
In the words of the Hermit, the truth lies within
Destiny arrives through a turn of the Wheel
And through Justice, the truth we cannot conceal
The Hanged Man’s surrender is an unsettling sight
And then Death arrives in the dead of night
Temperance brings us balance and peace
But the chains of the Devil are hard to release
When the Tower has shattered us to the core
The Star allows our Spirit to soar
The Moon reveals our deepest fears
Until the light of the Sun brings joy and cheers
When Judgement calls, we see the light
And the World keeps turning from day into night



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