BYO Lenormand: Carrie Paris endorsement


My cartomantic fascination started with tarot and over the years I’ve acquired a large number of decks. All have given me cause to take a favorite card from each pack in order to assemble a master deck filled only with the cream of the crop. Since entering the Lenormand world, I’ve again found myself with a fast growing collection of “Lennies”. There are favorite cards that stand out in each Lenormand I own and like my “greatest hits” tarot pack, I fantasize about assembling a master Lenormand deck. However my desire to keep my decks intact far overrides my desire to break them up. I know I’m not alone here.

In comes Andi (Rootweaver) Graf, who has heeded the call of my plight with a brilliant solution. Gone are the days of purchasing duplicate packs, deck dissection, and the predicament of not playing with a full deck. Andi, creatix of the beautiful Vintage Lenormand, has designed a build-your-own (BYO) Lenormand using the same vintage style her initial deck is known and loved for. Here’s how it works:

In this first ever opportunity to BYO Lenormand, Andi provides 180 wonderful choices—five variations for each of the 36 standard Lenormand cards. She has set it up for the site visitor to hand select the cards they want to create a customized master deck that speaks to their needs. This intelligent and thoughtful concept will no doubt launch other cartomantic traditions to follow suite as the combinations are endless.

My BYO Lenormand is filled with my favorite flowers for the Bouquet, I selected not one but two Riders (because I could)—one representing a peaceful delivery while the other is more action oriented. I also went with two moon cards both a full and crescent. Again, the groupings are infinite and that’s what makes the BYO Lenormand and the readings it produces so interesting.

Rootweaver is a pioneer in the Lenormand community. Keep an eye on her site. You’ll be glad you did!


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