Vintage Poster Lenormand: download free!

Vintage Poster Lenormand

Yay!! The Vintage Poster Lenormand is here! This is a 100% download for free deck to use it for educational, research, and entertainment purposes only. But you can also use it in your Workshops, Events, etc if you give it as a gift. (More information about this into the information file, which accompanies the deck).

The deck has a total of 40 cards. Some of the cards have different options to choose from, for example: the rider (2 riders), the ship (3 ships), the flowers (2 flowers), the anchor (2 anchors), the tree (2 trees). You can choose the ones you like the most, or you can use both (18. dog & 18. cat).

The backs are also provided. I have tried this at home, printed a deck in my Canon printer, and it worked wonderfully 🙂 If you like this deck you can like dePepi’s Facebook page or/& leave a comment here. Thank you!

Download your free Vintage Poster Lenormand here

About the images used in the collages:
I was doubtful about which images to choose. There are many around, and some are really cute. All the images can be found out there on the internet in different web sites. Please note that I do not own the copyright on any of these images. All posters, postcards, retro art prints and vintage images copyrights belong to their respective owners. According to the websites I fished from these images, these are images that “are into the public domain”, or are “believed to be so”. So, you can use them “within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.)” However, if you think that any of the images is infringing your copyright, send me a message to pepi @ depepi . com with a description of the work, a link to where the image is located, and state that the use has not been authorized by you, your agent or the law. Also include your signature.

About the purpose of the deck and the information file:
Both the deck and the information file are entirely for educational, research, and entertainment purposes only. They are also free and non-commercial. While I do not own the copyright on the images used, I do on the sequence and design itself (deck), and the information file. It is my wish to create a totally free deck with its information file, for non-commercial use. Again, both files (deck & information file) are for you to enjoy the Lenormand, and educational & research purposes (the Lenormand and the artwork of the images used).

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