Tarot x Lenormand Huge Give Away: the hunt begins


Have you ever played a Hunting the Treasure Game around your city? Someone puts clues online, in one or more blog, and folks go walking around the city trying to find out those clues, and compiting with others to find “the Treasure”. The Tarot x Lenormand Game is just that! But BIGGER!

I decided to take a deck, punch some star holes, decorate it, shuffle it, and send it to 10 different people to play this game. These 10 people are the key (clue) holders, that will give away those keys, either by person, in their blogs or in their Facebook pages. Those who are able to hunt more keys (tarot cards) will win the great pot.

So, the idea here is go and win as many cards as you can through the different card give aways around. When all the cards have been given away, I will make a video: I will shuffle a deck and the card I will take out will be the winner of it all.

Yup, you read it just right: only one winner will have it all!

Check blogs and Facebook pages around because right now there are some give aways!! They are giving away the keys to get the big pot.

And guess what! Jera-Babylon Rootweaver has given a BYO Lenormand for this game! Yup! You’ll be able to choose the cards!!

Do you want to know what’s in the pot at the moment?

DONATIONS! Yup, not only we have people playing and giving out keys (passports) to win the great pot! We also have gorgeous souls that are donating to make the pot a real TREASURE!

More info about the evolution of this Tarot x Lenormand Game can be found here.


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