Journals – 3 different ones to choose from!

Hi Everyone!

I have good news. If you are like me, and draw daily oracle cards and record them into notebooks for later reflection and learning, I have created the perfect Card Reader’s Journals for you. They will be available shortly on websites, but for now I will share the links with you where you can get them before then.

I got tired of writing my readings in a notebook, and then forgetting where I put the notebook, or which color notebook I put them in when I needed to reflect on the readings in them.

There are other journals, not many, that “kind of” let me record what I need to in them, but to be honest, they were just not the exact thing I was looking for. So with that said, I thought, why not just make my own? Once I did this, I realized how much I love them, so I thought I would share them with other like minded people.

Remember the softcover workbooks at school that fold over nicely, and lay flat so you can write in them? That’s what these journals are like! Seriously, they are awesome! I have been reading cards for over twenty years, so these are actually made by someone who knows a bit about recording a reading in a journal. I do hope you like them as much as I do!

3 card readings – holds 90 of them – any oracle cards can be used. I use my for Tarot. -

Lenormand Grand Tableaus – 9×4 – holds 60 readings in one journal! -

Lenormand Grand Tableaus – 8×4+4 – holds 60 readings in one journal! -

Love & Light,


(When I took the pics, I put cards on the pages to show the size of the journal, the pages are actually blank, no card images in print! )



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