LeNewbie Lenormand, a learning & teaching tool

LeNewbie Lenormand, by Rootweaver

Lenormand has taken the card-reading world by storm. However, as more and more readers try their hand at this fascinating system of European fortune-telling, it becomes clear that it’s not as easy to learn as it first appears to be.

The system depends on traditional keyword meanings for each card, used in combination with one another to make accurate revelations. It is imperative that newcomers first learn these keywords before they can successfully start using the cards. In comes the LeNewbie Lenormand to the rescue; a deck designed with the beginner in mind.

Each of the images on the 36 cards that make up this deck are compiled of their relevant keywords, doing away with the immediate need to memorise the Lenormand keywords because they are right in front of the reader! Now anyone can read Lenormand.

30. LILY aThe brain works in a strange way. When the image becomes the words these words seem to somehow stick in the memory, without any effort. Thus killing two birds with one stone, the immediate ability to read Lenormand and the subtle manner in which one remembers keywords without really trying.

This is a limited edition deck, only 250 copies – signed and numbered. A powerful learning and teaching tool, a must-have for anyone interested in learning or teaching the fascinating Lenormand.

Order directly from Rootweaver’s site at www.rootweaver.com

Do you think that seeing the keywords on each card, represented as an image would help you to learn or teach Lenormand? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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