‘Ffrond’ – free zendoodle pattern (by JbR)

Here’s another freebie to add to your doodle directory. I have called it ‘Ffrond’ for obvious reasons. At first this pattern looks very complex, but once broken down into easy-to-follow steps it is simple to do. Just divide your circle into quarters (or thirds if you prefer) and then proceed to fill in each segment as shown in the steps below. Have fun!

Zendoodles can be used to create your own art (be that in a deck of cards or otherwise,) create greeting cards or embellish your favourite walking shoes. The applications are endless. If you use any of my patterns in your designs please remember to credit me.

To draw Ffrond follow these step-by-step instructions.

'Ffrond' by JbR
‘Ffrond’ by JbR

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