Lenormand Challenge: Identify the cards

I found something on Facebook (posted by The Smart Witch) that I thought might be a nice one to practice Lenormand on. How much of what is written below can you see as Lenormand cards?

I’ll do the first 2 points below to demonstrate what I mean. Do leave your feedback in the comments section. After a couple of days (giving everyone a chance to add their comments) I’ll update this article with the cards that I think successfully represents all the points.

Boy with violin

Guaranteed Ways to Fail at Anything

1) Giving away your power (Bear) to people (Garden) and circumstances.

2) Making an immense (Bear) mountain (Mountain) out of every small (Clover) bump in the road (Crossroads).

3) Wasting (Mice) time chasing (Whip) people (Garden) who prove (Key) to you time-and-time again  (Whip) that you mean very little (Clover/Child) to them … Except when they need you for something.

4) Choosing (Crossroads) to be unhappy (Clouds) and choosing to suffer (Cross). Yes (Sun/Key) these are choices.

5) Constant (Whip) complaining, walking (Rider) on the dark (Coffin), cloudy (Clouds) side of life (Sun), focusing on all the negatives.

6) Consistently (Tree) making excuses (Fox) why things go wrong (Fox).

Guaranteed Ways to Succeed

1) Take back your power (Bear.) You and you alone (Tower) write (Whip/Letter) your own story (Book.) Quit giving (Bouquet) the pen to someone else.

2) Hit a bump (Mountain) in the road (Crossroads,) forge on. You may have to change (Stork) direction (Crossroads/Stars). Use your inner GPS (Stars).

3) Evaluate (Fox) the people (Garden) in your life and their importance (Sun.) Do they enhance and add to your happiness (Bouquet/Sun)? Rarely? Sometimes? Most of the time? Categorize their place (House) in your life and give (Bouquet) your time and attention accordingly.

4) Choose your demeanour. These are your emotions (Moon). Get to the root (Tree) of the pain (Snake) and suffering (Cross) and rip (Scythe) it out.

5) Focus on all that is good (Dog/Child) in your life. No one likes a whiner. Get over to the sunny (Sun) side of the street (Crossroads.) Smiles, smiles, everyone.

6) Drop (Scythe/Tower) the excuses. Dig (Scythe) down deep (Tree) to the source, face reality and pin-point (Stars) the actual reason … then accept and change (Stork.)

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