LeNewbie Lenormand, the Review


If you are starting with the Lenormand, or if you like to read some of the meanings, the LeNewbie Lenormand is the perfect deck for you! Jera-Babylon Rootweaver created a gorgeous deck. What seems a simple deck at first sight, hides a complicated and elaborate one.

In the center of each card you will find the silhouette of the card’s character (an anchor, a star, a woman, a man, etc) done with the meanings of the card. Words that compose the image are combined in bigger and smaller fonts, different fonts, and with different colors. Plus, it has a shadow that makes these wordy silhouettes to pop up. The effect is astounding: a silhouette which is composed by hundreds of words (depending on the image), that form a whole shape. Which is exactly what a Lenormand is: an apparent shape or character in middle of a card, hiding in plain sight its meanings! If you were searching for the deck of the poets, this is it! Poetry in plain sight!

The borders have, what I call, cheat words. If you are beginning with the Lenormand, these come in handy. You have written in the black borders, some of the possible meanings of the card, which makes it very easy to grasp the meaning of each card when combined with others. Plus, you get the cartomancy at the top right of the card (ace of hearts, 10 of diamonds, etc).

This Lenormand is a huge metaphor for what a Lenormand is: you get cards, with shapes drawn on them, like a kid, and this has a hidden meaning. I love the idea of creating silhouettes with the meanings inside, small in a way that seem hidden, but clear enough to be open to the naked eye. When you start diving inside the Lenormand, you will realize that the cards are doing exactly that! The borders help you in memorizing the meanings of the cards, which make it easy to remember those meanings.

This is not only a deck for beginners, but also for pros. It is a good idea to use this deck when you are reading the cards to someone who might be willing to know more, or to ask about the cards. I am not talking only to use the deck in classes, but also with clients who are more open to discuss the cards. This makes the conversation much easier than using traditional cards.


Let’s take a look to the Anchor (I chose a card randomly). Can you see the shape in the middle, the silhouette? It is composed by lots of words: the card meanings, and possible meanings when combined with other cards. These look tiny, but you can still read them if you focus on them or want to do so. The shape tells to your brain that this is an anchor, but your eyes record more than the shape: the card meanings! Plus, the borders are sending to your brain even clearer messages: the card meanings are written on them!

Shuffle the cards and take one by one: which is the first word that you notice on them? If you do this, you can notice how up or down your mood is! I noticed “joy” in the bouquet, “love” in the heart, “class” in the park, “success” in the anchor”, “solid” in the mountain, and so on. You can use these cards as “mood barometers” too. When we are happy, we tend to notice positive stuff around us. If we are not-so-happy, we tend to notice just the negative. Most of times, we are not aware of our own moods. Using this cards for daily reagins, makes it easier to know how positively tuned we are.

This is a limited edition. It comes signed and numbered, and with a cool bag to keep your cards. The linen card-stock is strong and easy to shuffle (Printer Studio quality).

This is a great deck to begin learning the Lenormand, to teach the Lenormand and to read the cards with very curious clients. It is also a must in your collection. And I repeat: it is a limited edition! Are you going to miss it?

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