Lenormand Notebooks, how do you organise yours?

Card #26 Book. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013. www.rootweaver.com
Card #26 Book. Deck: Zingdoodle Lenormand © Rootweaver 2013. www.rootweaver.com

My Lenormand notebook’s belly is starting to feel quite full lately! After initially resisting advice to begin my own notebook (for reasons unknown) I can now see why this is such an important exercise. The Lennie nerd in me is even having fun finding adjectives to describe and modify my subject cards! LOL!

Perhaps some of my initial resistance to the idea of keeping a notebook came from not really knowing where to begin, and what to add. There is just so much wonderful information available on the internet, that it can be seriously overwhelming for a beginner. So, here’s how I have organised my notebook. It is already clear to me that this will be the first volume of who-knows-how-many volumes to come in future. 🙂

My notebook is divided into the 36 cards, from #1 Rider to #36 Cross. Here is what I note in each:

  • Keywords
  • Adjectives (describing & modifying the subject/noun)
  • Combinations (although I am considering doing combos in a separate volume)
  • Timing
  • Health indicators
  • Personality descriptions
  • Physical appearance
  • Orientation
  • Playing Card inserts
  • German Suits
  • Negative / Positive / Neutral
  • Special groups (e.g: Work, Communication etc)
  • Spreads (e.g: Square of Nine, Grand Tableau) – again something I might record in a separate volume
  • Reading Techniques (Knighting, Mirroring, Near & Far etc)
  • Daily readings (separate notebook)

How is your Lenormand notebook coming along? Do you have any useful tips to share?


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