Top 5 Love Tarot Spreads

Top 5 Love Tarot Spreads

Tarot card can also help you predict future love, solve relationship problems, and give love advice. This is known as the love Tarot reading. There are various spreads or card arrangements for different love problems. These spreads may vary in the number of cards. Love tarot is a special type reading that deals with love, romance and relationship dynamics.

Loving and being loved might just be the most satisfying feeling in the world. You wake up glitters in your eyes, and sparkles in your smiles. If you are in a relationship or still searching for that special someone, tarot reading online, can help you. It is a great way on taking a look at your love life on a different perspective. You will be able to identify the problematic areas on your life that is preventing you from having a steady long-term romantic relationship. If you are already in a relationship, it can also help you strengthen your bond as a couple. You can identify future problems that may arise in your relationship and will have the knowledge of how to handle it if it comes around.

Here are the top five love spreads and their Meaning.

  1. The Celtic Cross Love Tarot Spread

One of the oldest and most popular love tarot spread. The layout is very simple, but it provides a very comprehensive and in depth reading. It touches almost all of the aspect of your life related to love and relationships. It can give you a clear perspective of your recent and distant past, as well as your present and immediate future, while also incorporating other dimensions of life and surrounding energies. The spread is made up of ten cards representing different aspects of your love life. Each card holds answers and information that will help you understand your situation.Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.26.27 AM


  1. The First Card represents the current situation the querent/subject.
  2. The Second Card Represent the challenge or the obstacles.
  3. The Third Cards is the recent past, which formed the foundation for the current situation.
  4. The Fourth is the distant past – issues the querent has had to deal with.
  5. What does the querent wish to achieve?
  6. The Sixth is the future or what is before the querent?
  7. The seventh represents the querent’s attitude or position on the matter.
  8. The eight is how others see the querent.
  9. The ninth represent the hopes or fears of the subject.
  10. The tenth is the outcome.
  1. The Crossroads Tarot Spread

This Spread is commonly used when the querent or the subject has to make a very important decision and he or she does not know which path to take. The Crossroads Spread is generally used when the consultation is about issues with two different options. This spread is composed if six tarot cards. It will provide you with the pros and cons of each path or option to be taken. For example, it can be used when choosing between two lovers, or choosing whether to get back or not to a former lover. It very flexible and may be used in different situations of your love life.

  1. The Clock Tarot Spread

This card is all about the timing. It is a very general type of reading and it can be used to foresee the overview of your love life for coming year, each month having a unique reading. It is a 12-card lay out mimicking the positions of the clock. The 12 cards representing each of the individual months of a year, and the current month is in the 1 o’clock position. The most important thing to take note here is that you must put the readings into writing and make a timeline to confirm when the events predicted starts to materialize. This way you can get an idea on how each of the months will play out for you. For example, the 3 o’clock has a positive card, then you can expect a really good month for your love life, or the 7 o’clock has something negative then you can expect that a struggle in your relationship is imminent for that month.

  1. Me and Thee Spread

The simple two-card spread is done by or with couples. Cards are laid out in pairs representing each of the lovers view in the different aspects of their relationship. For example, if you want to compare each other’s view on romance, responsibility, sex, commitment and money you will have to lay out five pairs of cards, a pair for every topic that you choose to examine, with one card for you and your partner.

This is fun to do for few topics, anything more than ten will tend to get confusing. You will get to test each other’s differences and gauge how much these differences are influencing their relationship. This spread can also be used to resolve conflicts between couples and is more effective if accompanied by a dialogue and allow discussion to sort things out.


  1. The magical Love Spread

This spread is composed of seven card Tarot. This spread is meant to answer the most common question asked by someone deciding to enter into a relationship: “Is he/she the one?”

However, it can also be used to assess existing relationships and determine whether it is indeed one of true love. Sometimes it can also be used as a general answer to “Will I ever find true love”. Each card represents a question:Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.29.29 AM

  1. Card 1 represents the question “Will I ever find his/her true love?”
  2. Card 2 represents the question “Will I feel safe and secure with this person?”
  3. Card 3 represents the question “Is marriage a potential for us?”
  4. Card 4 represents the question “Will this new love be similar to my past lovers?”
  5. Card 5 represents the question “Will commitment be possible with this new love?”
  6. Card 6 represents the question “Can the magic last between them?”
  7. Card 7 represents the question “What can I do to make this person part of their life?”

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