The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Spread

Occasionally I like to create a new spread. This one was created for a reading I did on a missing person. I call it the Good, the Bad & the Ugly Spread.  The position-key is below the image:

Missing Person reading

Position 1: Where did he go to?

Position 2: Why did he leave?

Position 3: Will you see him again?

Position 4: What are the advantages of where he went to?

Position 5: What are the disadvantages of where he went to?

Position 6: What are the advantages of him leaving?

Position 7: What are the disadvantages of him leaving?

Position 8: What are the advantages of seeing him again?

Position 9: What are the disadvantages of seeing him again?

Position 10: How HE views where he went to

Position 11: How HE views his reasons for leaving

Position 12: How HE views seeing you again


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