The “Secret Path” technique

This technique works with associations and can add a completely new dimension to your readings. The secret path is the path that connects two or more cards to one another in any reading, and works well when more information is required than what seems to be immediately available.

To do this you should choose a card from your deck, any card will do. Find a specific feature in your chosen card, this could be an obvious feature, or something more obscure.  Then search through the rest of your deck for cards with the same or similar features; it could be that you are picking up on a similar emotional response or intuitive response, or perhaps it is a symbol, or a facial expression; in fact it could be anything that shares a connection with the original card. This second card will offer additional and clarifying messages to your reading.

In The Amberstone’s book ‘Tarot Tips,’ they further expand on this technique by suggesting that there are several secret paths to explore in this technique. One is the Visual Secret Path in which you closely examine the details of your chosen card. What grabs your attention? It might be a colour, a piece of clothing etc 

If your chosen card was the Strength card from the Universal Waite deck, and you decided to focus on the garland on her head, you’ll also find a similar garland on the head of the horseman in the 6 of Wands, the King of Pentacles or the Empress. One or all of these cards will have a secret and additional message for you to share with your querent.

Another possible way to do this is to find a word that rhymes with your chosen feature, if for example your chosen card was The Chariot and the feature you focus on is a  wing, wing rhymes with ‘ring’, so go through your deck until you find a card that features a ring, you may for example decide on the King of Cups.  Either or both of these two cards will reveal yet another layer or dimension in this reading and will hold a message or answer to be imparted to the querent that is relevant to their question or situation.

Yet another way to do this is if a major card comes up reversed during the reading. Let’s say the Temperance card which is number 14 in the major arcane. Add the 1 to the 4 which gives you 5. The 5th card in the major arcane is The Hierophant. This would therefore be your supporting card using this technique. It would almost undoubtedly be able to add clarity to the meaning of the original first card.

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