Tarot & phobias

In the shower this morning I was accosted by a large huntsman (spider) who decided to cling to my toe in an attempt to escape the water and soap suds! Crikey! I jumped about as high as the horse in the Knight of Wands and undoubtedly had a similar expression on my face! Eeeooow! [shudder] Which prompted me to find a card that would accurately reflect my experience.

Admittedly, I had not associated the Knight of Wands with phobias before this, but a closer examination of the beast’s facial expression and body posture leads me to conclude that (in light of my own experience) from this day forth it will represent phobias, for me!

Australia has spiders, lots and lots of spiders. Soon after we first moved here my youngest son (who is an arachnophobe) had his first encounter with a huntsman too. I recorded his reaction in the video attached, it is absolutely hysterical! But be warned, his *colourful* language is for a mature audience only!

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