30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 6

Vintage Lenormand, by RootweaverCard 19 - Tower
Vintage Lenormand, by Rootweaver
Card 19 – Tower

Today’s question is:

What do you prefer reading: the Tarot, or the Lenormand?

Oh boy… trick question!  Tarot and lenormand are so different, they are like chalk an cheese. However, I am more comfortable reading tarot, for now, if only because I’ve been reading tarot for 15 years, and am very new at Lenormand. Having said that though, and especially now after starting Tali Goodwin & Marcus Katz’s excellent course “Learning Lenormand” I am really enjoying Lenormand! I simply cannot wait  to be proficient in this system!

I just know that I am going to love Lenormand as much as what I love Tarot, and it will be wonderful to be able to offer both systems of cartomancy to my beautiful clients at Metis Rising, our coffee/tarot shop.

Tomorrow’s question in the 30 Day Lenormand Challenge is: What was the first spread you learned?


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