30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 25

Vintage Lenormand by RootweaverCard #34 - Fish
Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver
Card #34 – Fish

Today’s question is:

Do you believe your readings are accurate with the Lenormand? Why?

Lenormand is accurate. Readers like me who are still new at Lenormand might have to hone our skills to understand and correctly interpret the cards, but that does not detract from the accuracy of the oracle (whether we recognise this or not.)

Yes, I am getting better at it though, and on a few recent occasions I have accurately interpreted the cards. The proof of course is in the eating of the pudding. Nothing says ‘accurate’ quite as well as confirmation and positive feedback, something that is happening more and more frequently for me now with Lenormand.


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