Under the Roses Lenormand, the Review & Layout Video!


The Review

Under the Roses Lenormand is one of the most beautiful Lenormands out there. You better run, because decks are disappearing! (I think that only 6 are left at the moment I write this review). Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill did a gorgeous job with this deck. A deck which is a great surprise itself: a deck which is three different decks!

Under the Roses Lenormand has 3 different editions right now: with words (describing the meanings of the card), without (just the title of the cards), and the minis (gorgeous mini decks). I have all three editions, and I must say that they are all gorgeous.

The paper stock is great (printerstudio paper stock), which is great for shuffling the cards. Colors are sweet and vintage-like. The deck has 36 wonderful cards and 2 extra consultants (a total 38 playing cards plus explanation cards.)


You are going to love this deck, and I hope as much as me. If you have no opportunity to get your hands on a mini, or any of these wonderful decks (I repeat: at this very right moment, in which I’m writing this review, there are only 6 decks left!!), you still have an opportunity because Under the Roses Lenormand is going to be published by a major publishing company. (But I do advice you to get one of the Indie editions, now that you still have time!)

Why do I have all the editions? With explanations, without and mini? Simply put: I love it! I love the manga-like artwork of the cards, the sweet vintage-like colors, its freshness and its sweetness! It’s a perfect deck to enchant any reader around. It’s a good deck for beginners, for pros, for those who collect decks, for traditionalist, for “unconventionalists”… In short, it’s a gorgeous deck for anyone who wishes to read the Lenormand.

You will find romantic cards, like the Locket or the Bouquet; sexy cards, like the Whip; shinny cards like the Sun and the Moon; and sweet cards like the Child. You will fall in love with each of the cards for one reason or another!

This is a must-have deck which will enchant you in a way no other deck will! It is modern and yet vintage, it is dreamy and yet realist, it is soft and yet hard, it is sexy and yet victorian, it is traditional and yet unconventional. I hope you don’t miss this one!

The Layout

This time I didn’t ask for a review. I asked to Kendra Hurteau to make something special for us. So, she recorded a gorgeous video with a layout!! You are going to love it because you are going to see her new deck! Kendra Hurteau is about to release her Vintage Lenormand.

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