dePepi Magazine is here!

depepi magazine tarot lenormand

The first issue of dePepi magazine features Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous Indie decks on the market right now.

But wait, that’s not all!

You can also find:

  • On exclussive: Celtic Lenormand (Chloe McCracken)
  • Upcoming Tarot: Keys to Creativity (Sharon Cumming)
  • Upcoming Lenormand: Mixed Media. (Pepi Valderrama)


  • On cover: Akina.
  • A Call to the Fool.(Kendra Hurteau)
  • The Egyptian Lenormand. (Nefer Khepri, PhD)
  • May I have this dance? (Penny Mason)
  • There’s always a first time. (Marina Manzano)
  • and more!

You can get your magazine HERE.

And you can get 50% on your sales of the magazine if you join the Ambassador program. 🙂

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