Tarot & Hiccups!

You’re a new reader in town, doing tarot readings at the local market and desperate to establish yourself as a credible reader.  You check your posture, remind yourself to use your best, most enlightened voice, and hope that you’ll come across as someone who knows what she’s doing.

All seems to go well at first; your querent is sitting on the edge of her seat hanging off every word you say. Her eyes grow wider as you draw the dreaded Death card and dramatically place it on the table in front of her. “Nothing to be concerned about” is what you’re about to say to her in a soothing but knowing voice, instead a loud audible “HIC” escapes from your mouth!

Her startled eyes shoot up at you sending sharp darts into your already bruised ego, but you quickly compose yourself with a nervous twitch and try again, this time in a firmer more authoritative voice: “The Death card doesn’t necessarily mean actual… HIC” you say, with utmost conviction.

“What I mean to say is that, although the Death… HIC… card, I mean… this card seems to be… HIC… ummm… it’s not always a bad… HIC… bad thing…” your voice trails off in defeat, ending in another loud “HIC just for good measure…

LOL! Has that ever happened to you? How would you deal with it if it did? Share your tips and comments here.


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